From my Amazing Clients.........


"I love what you do, empowering women through photos!."

  • Tonia Thiessen  

"What a talented guy! His perspective & his technique & expertise made this shoot quite the experience! I'm honoured to have been photographed by Paul, and he made me feel beautiful! Thank you for what you do!"

  • Randi Boulton


"Paul makes it fun to have your photo taken even when you're 70!!!! I couldn't be more delighted with the shots he did of me."

  • Sandi Stease Nesbit  


"I had an amazing time at Paul's studio. Great energy and superb results!!!"

  • Ron Clifford


"absolutely wonderful session, you definitely know how to bring out the vibrant personalities in your photo shoots!"

  • Marie Bouchard


"had an amazing shoot with Paul. Loved the creative intuition he possesses, made us all have fun"

  • Nigel Eatmon


"Thank you so very much for helping with our Beauty Days! You made our residents very happy (staff too)! We couldn't have done it without you."

  • Ann, Bethany CollegeSide Long Term Care  


"#shoutoutsaturday to the phenomenal and wonderous photographer @phowardphoto. We did this photo shoot about 4 weeks ago and it was fantastic. He asked me a year ago to do a photoshoot. His wife even kept telling me do it!! After his hair appointment he basically told me "k kiddo I'm sending you dates that I'm free and you tell me what days work for you!" Am I ever glad he did that! 
Paul was awesome to work with. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed along with stunning and confident. I love these pictures and can't wait for our next one in the future! Thank you Paul !
EVERYONE has days of feeling beautiful and some days we don't but when I have those days, I look at these pictures and I feel like a million bucks."

  • Darilynn Sandberg


"I have nothing but good things to say, and I've only seen one of the finished pics so far. Paul created a great experience for us, and has a way of making it so safe and fun that even my wife didn't mind the camera! Can't wait for the rest.."

  • Rick VanHemmen


"On the drive to your studio, (Rob) looked like I was marching him to the gallows! He said, "don't expect much from me". You shocked him! He had a grin on his face on the way home. He admitted that the whole thing wasn't what he had expected. Thanks for bringing my angel out of his comfort zone!"

  • Diane Bouchard


"I can hardly believe how wonderful I look. :-D
I don't think that you know how much of a journey it has been to get the courage to have my picture taken. Seriously. At one point in my life I couldnt not look at myself in the mirror...truth. So I set the goal for myself to have a photo taken. While I look at these I can hardly believe that it is me! 
You have a real gift. Thank you so much for showing me that I do look wonderful." 

  • Sandra


"Paul does amazing work, he is so fun and makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera! I would definitely love to shoot with him again!"

  • Jena Ashley Spas


"Paul is amazing at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera and always seems to capture the natural beauty of everyone that he shoots. He helps to bring out the essence that is you and captures it in a photo! I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

  • Sacha MacDonald


"Paul is nothing but the best... I have worked with him a few times now in capturing some of my women that have achieved huge weight loss success. For them it has been years since they got their pictures taken... Typically struggle with self esteem and never felt beautiful... 
Not only does he give the best environment for myself and these women...(being professional and compassionate) by the end these women you can't even pull away from the camera... 
He always spends extra time until he gets just the right shot... 
I have worked with numerous photographer's in the past... But Paul is by far top class... Grade A in his work ... Patient and kind...and helps boost your confidence during the process... I drive almost 2 hours to have him do work for me... 
Thank you Paul... For always making my clients feel amazingly beautiful ❤️"

  • Melissa Martinez



  • Stephanie Judd


"Paul is an amazing photographer, he made the shoot super comfortable and amazingly fun and relaxed! Paul took amazing photos of me, made me feel gorgeous and amazing. I can't wait to see the final photos!

I can't wait to have another shoot and I would recommend Paul to anyone! I am still feeling beautiful and encouraged from this amazing experience!!!! Thank you so much, this means the world to me!!!!"

  • Madelyn Rymer


"Ooo I LOVE IT! You have the best job in the world -- making people feel fantastic!"

  • Sandra Watson


"You are gifted. Made me feel comfortable and beautiful. Thanks!"

  • Rhonda Heald


"I had the best time being photographed by Paul. My shoot was an impromptu shoot outdoors and it was so much fun. I felt so at ease in front of the camera and I laughed so much I couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed. It was an awesome afternoon. Paul is an amazing portrait photographer! I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to be photographed by Paul. Then I saw the photos and I was so excited. I’ve never felt so pretty before. I could hardly believe it was me. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing portrait experience."

  • Liz Kaetterhenry


"We were so happy with our photos from Paul. We asked him to take photos of 7 young children with their grandma and grandpa...which is asking a lot. He captured their personalities and we had a wonderful time. I would definitely recommend Paul!"

  • Kendrya Wiebe


“The hardest part of writing this review is finding the words to say what exactly it was like to have had someone show me a version of me I have never seen before...

It was amazing just how quickly Paul was able to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera and the results left me pretty much at a loss for words. I honestly had never seen myself as the woman he showed me in the photos from my session.

I went from feeling nervous and awkward to wondering how the time had passed so quickly and wondering how I could arrange to do it all over again and hoping there could be a next time.

Paul has a gift and incredible talent. He draws you out of your everyday self, or how you perceive your everyday self and captures that something more. He sees the beauty in every person that steps in front of his camera and is able to reflect that back to them in a way that no mirror ever could.

I would not hesitate to recommend Paul Howard Photography to anyone, it's truly an incredible experience to step in front of his lens.”

  • Kathy Milks



  • Joanne McKenna-Howard

It was so much fun to be photographed by Paul, he made me feel so at ease that I forgot the massive camera was there and that's saying something, as I'm incredibly shy in front of a camera and detest having my picture taken. With Paul I was just sitting and laughing with a friend and ended up absolutely amazed when he showed me the results. I couldn't believe that was me. Honestly I thought that was a beautiful, sexy woman with whom I had certain traits in common. The photo shoot, and the reactions to the photos, boosted my confidence in myself and my looks immensely. I feel like a million bucks when I look at the photos he took of me.”

  • Sivani Boxall


“I arranged a 4 generation photo shoot with Paul Howard, with my 85 year old mother and my daughter and her 2 children and myself. We had an absolutely enjoyable, fun experience. A lot of laughs and some great photos that we will cherish forever. Paul made everything fun, easy and non stressful. I would highly recommend Paul Howard photography for a wonderful experience and superb photo's!”

  • Barb Saunders


“We had done a whole afternoon of fun photos! The atmosphere was buzzing with so much great energy! Everyone involved from the photographers to the make up/hair artist were amazing to hang out with! Seriously a wonderful experience with some even more wonderful pictures to capture the awesome time we had! Plus, Paul is a genuinely friendly guy who does incredible work! Can't wait for my next chance to get in the studio with him and his camera again!!!”

  • Kimberley Miller


“Can not say enough good things about Paul. He is one amazingly talented and creative photographer! His photo shoots are extremely professional and tons of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute working with him.”

  • Dr. Stephanie Connelly


“One day last year I was just hanging out in Paul's studio, taking pictures and messing around with our cameras. Somehow during that time he managed to take some of the best photos of Yours Truly that I've never had taken. They really captured my personality, and the quality was top notch. You see, that's the thing about Paul - he's not just another portrait photographer. He really strives to capture the true essence of the people he photographs in his own unique style. He is also a really mellow and humble person that really takes the stress of being in front of a camera away, and quickly gets you to be a place where you can be yourself. That is when the magic happens.”

  • Dave DeBaermaeker


“I have a very large print of one of Paul Howard's photographs in my home and it is stunning. He has a unique eye and I am a big fan of his work.”

  • Nina Anthonijsz



  • Brandon Schulmeister


Awesome photos”

  • Lisa Fink Martin


Paul is a gem!! He's professional, very personable, and I love his sense of humour. He's an amazing photographer. I had the privilege of being photographed by Paul for my first photoshoot, ever! He made me feel comfortable right off the start and I quickly gained confidence as we spent time getting to know each other during my shoot. I love my photos and how he was able to capture my personality! He saw the best version of me!! He nailed it!! I have and will continue to recommend Paul Howard Photography for business and personal shots!!”

  • Cory Sankovic


“These shots are gorgeous. He even made ME look good!”

  • Judy Charron


“Wow- had my session with Paul and he made me feel (and look) incredible! You can really tell he loves what he does, and he's very talented at it. He made me feel comfortable and so beautiful even though I was a bit nervous and he made getting pictures done so fun... He's a jokester (which I love) but was also very intent on taking amazing shots. I will book with him again for sure!”

  • Rhonda Hamill


“Great to work with as both a model and a photographer. Wonderful personality and a wonderful creative mind. Great photos, and very easy to work with.”

  • Kyra McDonald


“Paul is incredible! The photo session was fun and exciting for the whole family:) I love how he took our ideas to a new level and officially made our family picture the coolest EVER! The individual photos of me were also amazing, if you want to look and feel beautiful, just ask Paul to take your picture.”

  • Jessica Von Hollen


“I have always hated getting my picture done. In the first 5 mins Paul showed me what he took as "test" shots and I was floored. I told him I was always looking like the monkey in front of the camera. Seeing what he did, how he was so great at making me relax was amazing. For the first time I actually felt great and with his magical touch, the pictures looked amazing. Thank you Paul, for being such a wonderful person and the magician who made me see I was beautiful. You, Sir, are the best!”

  • Deb Sandau


"Paul is a photographer with a massive drive and passion for the art! Working with him is always great fun, and the end results have helped me in my career so much! He is definitely my go-to photographer!"

  • Adam Meachem

“Had the most amazing experience with Paul. He is a very talented and professional photographer with a heartwarming personality.”

  • Jennalee Maundrell