I've learned some things in my photographic journey. A big one is this: how others see you can make a big difference. And the first thing that people see of you anymore is your profile picture, whether that's on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, or another favourite social networking site. So why shouldn't that photo be the best you that you can be? In fact, that image should be so good that you hang it on your wall and save it for future generations. Remember looking at snapshots of your family, your grandparents? These images are your legacy.


I spent months studying under the world's foremost headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, I've created beauty and glamour images, I've captured events, and wonderful moments for families. I don't want to take a photo of you, I want to create an image that IS you. I can help make that happen for you.


Anybody can post a camera phone shot of themselves. You deserve to stand out from the crowd!