Brad Larsen(non-registered)
I would like to give a special thank you to Paul who took some amazing photo's of my girlfriend and I a couple of weeks ago. Not only were the photos simply fantastic, but it was probably one of the most fun experiences I have had.

Thank you Paul for the amazing work, truly one of a kind.
Hi Paul,

My company has a branch located in Red Deer, we'd love to use one of your images for our truck wrap out there (we wrap each of our delivery vehicles with a location-specific image).

We think it would be great to feature local images from a local artist!

Please get in touch with me via email if possible. I would like to know if you are or aren't interested, so we know whether to keep looking.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Awesome new layout. Never mind the great shots! You're putting me to shame!
Luke Aalgaard(non-registered)
Great Pictures Paul! Nice to meet you the other day.
Steve Hildenbrandt(non-registered)
I taught Paul everything he knows (laugh). About photography that is.
Great work Paul.
Anina Mullin(non-registered)
Amazing photography Paul!
Angela Rud(non-registered)
I actually haven't looked at the pictures as of this moment, I came to the guestbook first. LOL. I am sure I'll be back to tell you they are great.
Ken Rud(non-registered)
I really enjoyed the pictures from your holiday in Cuba. I've wanted to go to Cuba for a holiday myself. Thanks for keeping the dream alive! Excellent job Paul!
I love what you're doing Paul. I find it all very motivating and sometimes even inspiring! Keep up the good work.
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