Creative Portraiture

Everyone has something in them that should be brought to the surface, and I want to show you the best portrait of yourself that you've ever seen.  It's actually always been there. I'm just going to help you to see it! 


Your Investment

The session cost is $500.

This includes:

-          Shots taken in front of a plain backdrop

-          This will take as long as it takes, allow at least a couple of hours

-          Professional makeup artist 

-          Minimum of 100 shots to choose from

-          3+ “looks” / wardrobe changes

-          Edited / retouched photos available to you within two weeks


How We’ll Do It

For this package, we'll shoot at least three looks, and it’s entirely up to you what clothing you bring for those looks. If we've already come up with a theme for your shoot, it'll be something connected to the theme. But we may just wing it, if that's what you prefer. Bring more than what you think you’ll need if you are uncertain about what colour or style to wear. I’ll be happy to help you pick something that will suit the pictures.

I’ll keep shooting until I think we’ve got what you need. And during your shoot we will review the images together in order to get those shots that you love.

After we've shot, we'll schedule a time to get together so that I can show you exactly what we created together. You'll have the opportunity to choose any images and products you like, although you are under no obligation to purchase anything.  


Hair and Makeup

 You should come to your session “hair-ready”. I do not have a hair stylist available, so you want to make sure that your hair is something you like, something you are comfortable with, and is the way you’d like to be “represented”. With that said, if you are at ease with changing your hair mid-shoot, and that’s something you would like to try, I’m certainly on board with you for making that one of your looks!

These sessions include the services of a makeup artist. From daytime looks, to nighttime glamour, to special effects, depending on what we're creating we will have someone here to bring that look out! 


If you have shot with me before and wish to have headshots or portraits taken again, the cost is $250.


To book a session, there is a non-refundable booking fee of $200 ($100 for return customers) to secure your date.

The remaining balance is due the date of your session. I accept cash, cheque, Visa and Mastercard.



And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns at all, talk to me! I want you to be happier with these than with any shots you have have ever had done, so let's figure something out! 


Prints and Downloads

Digital Copies

Edited digital copies are included with every print purchased. 


Prints from $105

Canvases from $215

Acrylic from $250

Folio boxes from $1700

Large prints, canvases, cards, frames are all available. Let me know what you'd like and I'll get a quote together for you!