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Did you or your business just move? You lost that weight you've been working on? You got your hair cut? Next week has a Thursday in it? 

Portrait Shoot 25 Feb 2010 #1Portrait Shoot 25 Feb 2010 #1First of a few of the best model there is, from the first in-studio portrait shoot I've done. I love this model!!!

So, in other words............ NOW!!! 

"Oh, but I'm not ready yet", you say. I've heard that before. Over and over and over. I heard that from a dear friend of mine for ten years. No matter what I said, no matter how much I urged, she was never ready. The hair, too tired, the weight, the stuff going on right now. For ten years. 

She passed away a few months ago. We never did get that portrait. Guess what her husband wishes he had? 

Just do it. Do it now.  with Hannah  

It doesn't matter if it's the headshot you need, the creative portrait you want. What matters is that you have an image that makes people say, "Yeah. That is YOU". 

Then those are terrific windows!

Just do it. What are you waiting for? One day, it WILL be too late.

Do it now.


Doug Alder(non-registered)
Excellent post Paul - great shots too. Maybe next summer I'll come see you :)
Jenn Stone(non-registered)
I completely agree. Photos are something we leave behind and they mark an occasion. Do it!
Christina Lihani(non-registered)
Beautiful photos and compelling words!
Yes. Never postpone. Live now. Love now. All we have is right now.
Lauri Novak(non-registered)
Nicely done Paul!!
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