I was interested in photography back in the 1970's, and managed to take a little instruction and do a little practice in the 1980's, but a growing family (four kiddies!!), the cost of the hobby, and the normal demands of day-to-day life relegated photography to snapshots only.
Turning 50 is quite a corner. Sometimes it takes that long before "there's no time like the present" actually means something to you. So, new equipment, new lessons, new commitment.
Thank you to my dear wife for telling me, "Oh, just do it".
And she doesn't work for a running shoe company or anything.
She's just usually right.
Man, you gotta hate that....

So? I've learned some things in my photographic journey. A big one is this: how others see you can make a big difference. And the first thing that people see of you anymore is your profile picture, whether that's on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, or another favourite social networking site. So why shouldn't that photo be the best you that you can be? I can make that happen for you. And after all, you deserve to look your best! Anybody can post a camera phone shot of themselves. Stand out from the crowd!